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On 18 March 2010 the BoD of Waste Italia Group approved the “Information disclosure procedure” which provides guidance for the management of both internal and external information flows. Waste Italia Group adopted the “Financial Communication” procedure which gives an overview of the evolution which information can undergo within the company and in particular:

  • introduces the principles of conduct for the protection of confidential business information in general, as required by the Code of Conduct; 

  • governs the internal management of inside information, establishing the methods of assessment, and the obligations of people who have access to inside information to behave in a particular way;
  • defines the procedures for the institution, keeping and updating of the Register of persons with access to inside information;

  • governs the communication to the public of inside information, defining which inside information is subject to disclosure and, in particular, the process of issuing price sensitive press releases;
 streamlines and clarifies the provisions on internal dealing.

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