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Remuneration Committee

The Board of Directors of Waste Italia Group formed the remuneration committee, which is responsible for formulating proposals and recommendations on the remuneration of the CEOs, of directors holding particular positions and key management personnel, and for monitoring their application on the basis of the information supplied by the CEOs.

Conponents Position
Bozzetti Giovanni Independent non-executive director
Edoardo Esercizio Independent non-executive director

The Remuneration Committee deals exclusively with the preparation of proposals while the power to determine the remuneration of directors vested with particular positions lies with the Board of Directors, in consultation with the Board of Statutory Auditors.
In the performance of its functions, Committee members have the right to access information and company functions necessary for them to perform their duties, as well as employing external consultants. 
On the date of the Corporate Governance Report of 2014, the Remuneration Committee consisted of 2 non-executive directors, both independent.

Functions of the Remuneration Committee

  • periodically checks the adequacy, consistency and application of the policy adopted for the remuneration of executive directors, other directors holding particular offices and key management personnel, using information provided by the managing directors and making proposals to the Board in the field;
  • Submit to the Board proposals for the remuneration of executive directors and other directors who hold special positions;
  • Monitors the implementation of decisions taken by the board and found the actual achievement of performance targets.

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