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Board of Directors

Components Position CV
Avv. Maggio Roberto President  Vai al curriculum
Prof. Avv. Michele Giuseppe Vietti Director Vai al curriculum
Dott.ssa Ramona Graziano Independent Director Vai al curriculum
Avv. Giuseppina Rubinetti Independent Director Vai al curriculum
Prof Eugenio D'Amico Independent Director  

The Board of Directors of Waste Italia Group is the executive body of the company and consists of six members, including two executive directors and four non-executive directors, who are entrusted with the powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the company. The mechanisms for the appointment and replacement of the Board of Directors are provided for in Article 13 of the Statute. The directors remain in office for up to three financial years and may be reappointed.

The Board of Directors has the broadest powers, without limitation, with the authority to take all the measures considered necessary to attain the Company’s objectives, save only those that, by law or by statute, are reserved for the Shareholders’ Meeting. The activity of the Board is carried out with the aid of the Remuneration Committee and the Risk Control Committee.

The presence of two female members in the Board of Directors of Waste Italia Group is not just the result of adaptation to the compliance principles of listed companies in terms of pink quotas, but it is a concrete sign of the company’s will to deal with issues of diversity in the belief that the balance between genders is a great opportunity for a constructive dialogue that helps to create shared and long-lasting value for all its stakeholders.

Responsibility for the internal control and risk management system belongs in fact to the Board of Directors, which sets out its corporate risk management guidelines. The appointment of the Risk Control Committee in fact does not relieve the Board of tasks and responsibilities related to the obligation of supervising operating performance, but certainly this committee is an important information and advisory tool useful to the Board of Directors in order to have a careful and constant monitoring of the internal control system.

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