The industrial project marked “made in Italy”
that looks to the future by applying
the Circular Economy guidelines


The first Italian company listed on the Stock Exchange
to get the IQNet SR 10 certification

Having green eyes is not is not about heredity

Let’s look at the future of the Green Economy with new eyes


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Waste End

WastEnd, a real park of recycling the waste materials can be reused, a factor of new development...

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Project Destination Environment

The Group Waste Italy has always had a vision of sustainable waste management...

Financial Calendar 2015

November 13, 2015 - Board of Directors

Approval of the interim report as at September 30, 2015

Financial Calendar

October 3, 2014 - An important and prestigious international visit to Kinexia.During the meeting, which was attended by the top management of Kinexia, including President Pietro Colucci, the Minister visited the ski Kinexia, deepening some of the technological aspects related to the activities of the Group.

The visit of Hakima El Haite strengthens the international prestige of Kinexia which Italian excellence in the field of Renewable Energy and the Environment. In a press release, the company emphasizes the pursuit of further international expansion of the Group aims to grow in other geographical areas, even outside the borders of Europe.

Great satisfaction for the visit of the Minister and the delegation of Morocco was expressed by the President of Kinexia, Pietro Colucci: "We are very pleased with this open dialogue with an important partner which the Minister Hakima El Haite and at the same time we are very proud to once again be recognized internationally as an Italian excellence in the field of Green Economy and the Environment".

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