School Project

"The young man walks faster of the elderly, but the old man knows the way." This African saying gives a good idea of the importance that can have a school project. Transfer knowledge to the younger is a fundamental task for any company and any organization, especially when it comes to the environment and energy.
The industrial and economic development of the last two hundred years has led to waste, misconduct and excessive exploitation of natural resources. Now that you have the knowledge and technology to switch to forms of production and sustainable lifestyles has necessary to spread this culture and to ensure that knowledge is transformed into know-how and concrete behaviors that everyone can accomplish.

The project

Through School Project, the Group and the involved municipalities aim to build the knowledge in the environmental and energy theme, thanks to a system of Edutainment = Education + Entertainment. The project involved (depending on the subsidiary on the territory) the elementary school children.

The structure

The project has currently active in the schools in the towns of Turin Collegno and Rivoli and the collaboration of the government and schools. After the success of the first year, we developed a structure in different phases.

  • Study and implementation of a training package, shared with the teachers of the classes that have joined the initiative, the creation of the support material for teachers and children.
  • Training in the classroom by teachers.
  • Theatrical Performance on the issues of air pollution, good daily practices to fight it, renewable energy, energy efficiency.
  • Classes challenge on the issues about environment and energy.
  • Award to the best classes, with school supplies and visiting plants.

School children were enthusiastic and active in interacting during the play and learning activities. The songs sung during the performance were distributed in each class, in order to learn them and sing them with the actors.

The School Project was made for classes in Turin, with shows and topics related to the activities of the subsidiaries of Kinexia: Sei Enegia and Innovatec with show "The Amazing World of Mr. Six." Themes: sustainability and clean energy. Waste Italia with show "The Adventures of 00Waste". Themes: waste collection and recycling of waste. Realization of a comic book to be distributed as a free press to citizens and especially children.

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