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Ecoteca® is the first center of information and education for citizens on environmental issues in Italy. The Ecoteca is the only national project of itinerant and permanent environmental communication; it is designed for general information on sustainable development through a structure similar to a kiosk.

The first Ecoteca was inaugurated by Waste Italia (Kinexia Group) in 2002 in Monza with the aim of providing citizens with a dedicated place for the consultation of books, reports, educational kits, documentaries, games, all of environmental interest.

The positive outcome of this trial has led to the design of a mobile structure that would facilitate The positive outcome of this trial has led to the design of a mobile structure that would facilitate the moving. Information material on the environment, environmental safety, ecological tourism, consortia recycling, authorities and institutions.

What you will find in a Enoteca?

  • Consultation / Loan: information materials on the environment, environmental security, eco-tourism, recycling consortia, bodies and institutions. Movies environmental magazines books / documentaries educational packages.
  • Search: Routes ecotourism or environmental information for further schools that prepare environmental specialists.
  • Possible sale: Books environment, nature (divided between schools and citizens); Games environment and nature; Toys VHS and CD; Services of environmental education and sustainable development for municipalities, schools and companies.
  • Advertising: Showcase for companies in the environmental sector to promote energy-saving products, design objects and materials recovery, etc. another. Advertising for companies that want to invest on environmental communication as a value partner / local crafts; Associations.

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