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CSR policy of Waste Italia Group

Waste Italia Group’s corporate responsibility considers the satisfaction of stakeholders’ expectations as a crucial point in the business decision-making process and strategy. The involvement plan has been devised in such a way to give priority to the company’s key stakeholders.

In particular, besides customer satisfaction surveys and periodical meetings with personnel, Gruppo Waste Italia actively engages its main customers, suppliers, local communities and shareholders with questionnaires and interviews, gathering feedbacks for the drawing of the Sustainability Report.

Pietro Colucci, Chairman of Waste Italia Group, commented: “Waste Italia Group’s choice to include social responsibility within the strategies and the management system comes from the idea that today it is key to operate in a sustainable, ethic and conscious way in order to create Shared Value with the stakeholders, monitoring their expectations and accounting for what has been done in total transparency. We succeeded in identifying areas for improvement defining specific goals for the next three years”.

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