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This category of stakeholders includes employees and self-employed. For Waste Italia group the involvement of its employees on a personal level is an issue of vital importance to allow maximum integration between business goals and expectations of employees. As in the principles of the Code of Ethics, all employees participate in the company's life, helping to achieve the results and developing the culture of quality of individual work and group.

The Group offers many initiatives dedicated to the involvement of employees with projects designed to improve life at work and at home thanks to a welfare system responsive to real needs.

Major initiatives for dialogue

  • Periodic meetings with the Chairmen and CEOs of the various companies to illustrate and share interim results;
  • Periodic meetings with Board of Statutory Auditors, Control and Risk Committee, and Supervisory Bodies;
  • Periodic coordination meetings between Functions;
  • Company intranet;
  • Welcome Kit (for new hires, it contains the company procedures manual, the Organisational Model and Code of Ethics of the relevant Company, and instructions for understanding pay checks); “Se fossi il Capo” (“If I Were Boss”) project;
  • Individual and collective training plans; Half-yearly company newsletter reporting on the main events concerning the company’s operations and other issues;
  • Sostenya Times – quarterly newsletter with an international outlook;
  • Wastino/Energina service: email addresses to communicate useful information, file complaints, or submit suggestions;
  • “Press releases” service: email address to disseminate press releases to staff ;
  • “Coccole” (“Cuddles”) project: greetings cards and scratch cards for birthdays, wed-dings, births;
  • Company discounts programmers for all employees.

Sustainable projects

  • Kinexia and Altis

    Kinexia and Altis Kinexia and ALTIS ( High School Business and Society, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano) have launched a promoter project to Read More
  • School Project

    School Project "The young man walks faster of the elderly, but the old man knows the way." This African saying gives a Read More
  • Welfare Project

    Welfare Project Welfare project was born in 2012 and promotes initiatives (working or not) dedicated to all employees. The most popular service Read More
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