Corporate GovernanceInternal Control and Risk Management

Supervisory Body

In Waste Italia Group, the task of supervising the operation and compliance of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics is entrusted to the Supervisory Board, which is endowed with autonomous powers of initiative and control.

Members Carica
Laura Malavenda President
Irene Giorgio Member
Francesco Capone Member

In view of the fact that the Code of Ethics states principles of conduct suitable for preventing unlawful behaviour referred to in the Decree ex Legislative Decree 231/2001, the document acquires importance for the purposes of the Model and is therefore an integral element of the same.
The Supervisory Board operates with impartiality, authority, continuity, professionalism, autonomy and suggests updates of the Code also on the basis of reports provided by the Recipients.

All employees and collaborators of the Group are obliged to report conduct which is inconsistent with the principles of the Code of Ethics by all those who are bound by it. The Company is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of the identity of the informer, except for requirements related to the fulfilment of duties of the Supervisory Board, as well as protecting the informer from retaliation, unlawful influence, hardship and discrimination of any type in the workplace, possibly attributable to the reporting of one or more breaches of the rules contained in this Code.

All our stakeholders can report, in writing and not anonymously, any breach or suspected breach of the Code of Ethics to the Supervisory Committee, which will analyse the report, eventually consulting the originator and the perpetrator of the alleged breach. 

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