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The value of teamwork

One of our main strengths is certainly the value of the team, consisting of capable professionals who bring their skills to the table, not only to perform the technical work assigned to them, but also and most importantly to create shared value through constant dialogue and mutual collaboration.

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The people working at Waste Italia Group are required to conduct themselves according to the Group’s Mission and values, promoting the dissemination of the codes of conduct through dialogue and consultation. The Code of Ethics is the ethical code the Company recognises as its own, requiring the corporate bodies and its own employees to comply with its principles in pursuing the company’s goals. Waste Italia Group operates with a constant focus on respecting people’s rights and paying great attention to occupational safety. Human capital is the Group’s key asset.

This is why managing such wealth has become increasingly strategic over the years, in keeping with the Group’s mission and values. Professional approach, competitiveness and profitability are concepts widely disseminated among the Group companies, just as employees are increasingly aware that flexibility is necessary to tackle ever-growing challenges on the markets.

Reference standards

  • Acknowledging Acknowledging the contribution of the individual and his or her professional approach, recognising their experience and appreciating their expertise;
  • Making employees accountable to promote professional growth and development opportunities;
  • Establishing an appraisal system based on objective parameters that can represent an effective basis for discussion;
  • Setting up a merit-based system managed consistently and based on performance indicators, representing individual contributions clearly and effectively and serving as a significant motivational tool.

Health and Safety

The Group complies with all the highest national and international health and safety standards. It strives to promote and consolidate a culture of safety, raising awareness about all potential risks and promoting responsible behaviours on the part of all workers; in addition, it seeks to ensure health and safety in the workplace, especially through preventative initiatives. Waste Italia Group - as required by the regulations - is committed to ensure the respect of the provisions governing protection of the safety and health in the workplace and to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.


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