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WastEnd, the workshop of the future

An innovative, forward-looking and concrete project

The beginning of a sea change in the way of conceiving and managing waste. The waste becomes a resource, a factor of new development. Waste Italy invests in the territory of Chivasso (TO) to achieve the first workshop of the future, by strengthening the local presence already in place, thanks to a system of selection and treatment of special waste. 

The Mayor of Chivasso Libero Ciuffreda: "I have proposed to the City Council to adhere to the resolution" zero waste "in agreement with the Ministry for Environment, to increase recycling, culture and environmental education in the territory. Having an innovative recycling center that looks to the future I am proud, because finally the waste is turned into a resource. Through the engineering of materials will open new job opportunities and technological research, safeguarding the environment. "

The project

WastEnd is a pioneering project, a unique center in its kind, which will come out waste and useful materials and where the waste will be planted only if they no longer recoverable.
 Inserted in an industrial area, adjacent to the plant already, WastEnd will be a real park of recycling where the waste will become "secondary raw materials", ie reusable materials in new contexts. The project is inspired by the most modern centers of recycling, such as the park Hiriya in Israel, and will "close" the waste cycle and to give life to the possible activities of the supply chain, with the start up of new companies.

With WastEnd, Chivasso will be part of the top 300 towns in Italy, the first in the province of Turin, which adhere to a path towards the "Zero Waste", in which the name "WastEnd, the workshop of the future" refers. A true change of perspective in which the waste will have to be rethought as a resource and not as a weight. Waste materials must then be collected separately so that they can be valued and become useful materials for new processes.

For example you can get items in plastic or yarn from packaging, compost from organic waste or even you can get material for bike paths and anti-shock panels for playgrounds from the reuse of used tires.
A project that does not end in environmental issues, but which will also have positive effects on the territory as it will create 20 to 50 jobs within five years and give impetus to the development of new business activities.

Wastend as a research location
The highly innovative project also proves the intention of creating a research center - in agreement with the Academia - for the design of new materials and objects made from scrap recovery, also from the point of view of sustainable design.

WastEnd is divided into several steps and, consistent with the authorizations, will be operational in two years. The communication plan has been shared with the public, actively involving stakeholders. The table involved environmental organizations and associations, in addition to the municipality itself, in a process of mentoring and monitoring all project actions.

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