Participation in the development of the App

Group Waste Italy, together with other companies, has participated as financier and supporter fi the creation of applications dedicated to disabled people support the association nonprofit Crazy for Digital Marketing and EveryWare Technologies, a spin-off of the University of Milan. The result of this happy union is represented by two applications for tablets.

math melodies


The first is Math Melodies, an application for tablets that allows children with visual impairments to learn mathematics through an audio-story and finger motions on the screen. This application is having great success in the US where it is used by teachers to support learning.

Another key issue is social inclusion: Melodies Math is an app for all children, normo blind, visually impaired or blind people so they can learn, and have fun together. The second is dedicated to children with autism and highlights the possible and real meeting ground between autism and technology, as a tool like the tablet is well suited to facilitate communication augmentative and digitized. the iPad becomes a powerful tool for children aff ects autism, because it facilitates learning and communication.

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