Synergies with Autogrill

The Group Waste Italy has always had a vision of sustainable waste management industry, offering services and solutions in compliance and providing for possible development of future scenarios.
The basis of all current European standards on waste is Directive 2008/98 - Waste Framework Directive: waste must be managed without endangering human health and without harming the environment, in particular without risk to water, air , soil, plants or animals, without causing nuisance, creating noise or odors, and without compromising the territory and places of special interest.

The current situation

The food industry has waste from 1.7 to 1.9 million tons (2.5% of production).

European directive in July 2014: the objective of reducing by 30% food waste.

  • Waste "inevitable" (23% of the total and 28% at the start of in municipal waste *), non-edible food;
  • Waste "potentially avoidable" (17% of the total share in municipal waste *), non consumed for taste choices (bread crusts or stems of artichokes, for example) or preparation technique;
  • Waste "avoidable" (60% of the total and 55% of the urban waste *), products that could be consumed through better planning of quantity, preparation, storage, packaging or through higher performance.

* Data refer to 2012

Initiatives with Autogrill

Autogrill since 2009 are several ongoing projects that see sustainability as a central aspect of the service waste management. The "Destination environment" can be considered a positive example of synergy between different industries, able to put sustainability at the center of its activities. Each company has contributed its know-how, or with what they can do best: their core business. In the case of Waste Italy, the contribution to the project was expressed in the collection service and waste management.

The project Destination Environment


The goal of the project since 2009 has been the promotion of recycling in the dining areas by travelers and employees of Autogrill:

  • 5 stations involved in the pilot phase (now became 13 stations along the A4 Turin-Venice)
  • Installing mini ecological islands to raise awareness among passers-by and to realize the separation of the different materials.

The results of the (still ongoing) are very positive:

  • 20-25,000 tons of waste each year subtracted from the landfill and recycling initiated.
  • 100% recovery: the organic fraction is intended for composting, cans, glass and plastic to the recovery, cardboard (the latter not only for what concerns the stations of Destination Environment, but also for all the Autogrill) to the recovery.

The group with the organic collected by Autogrill creates value:

  1. The organic raised from Autogrill Villoresi East is led by a third specialized facility where it is turned into compost.
  2. Waste him WWF Italy for the organic fertilization.
  3. The garden products are used by the Autogrill to produce their own food chain autogrill

filiera autogrill

The project Destination Environment has created a virtuous circle of good practice that still covers also other services of the flow of collection-waste treatment, the number of trips for transport to the reduction in size of the collected materials.

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